We represent print studios from around the world that create original artwork using the latest technology and software to develop designs that are factory ready and easily edited to help assist in the manufacturing process. below is a list of our world class studios. 


Whiston & Wright Textile Design Studio. Print design and embroidery specialists.

Womenswear, Swim, Lingerie, Kids, Junior, Contemporary, Accessories, Home, Designer, Print, Bedlinen. Established in 1988 by Clare Whiston and Melissa Wright, Whiston & Wright textile design studio has flourished and grown to be one of the largest in the UK. Selling worldwide since its creation, the studio is known for its ability to offer creative, fashion-forward design. Inventive colour is their trademark and a passion for pattern and print is at the heart of their success.


Ginny Baxter and Linda Fawcett have been friends and business partners for over 20 years. Their story began at Brighton University where they started to learn their trade and discovered their creative passion for textiles.

Fast forward 20 years and Ginny and Linda are proud to be leading a highly professional team of experienced designers. They are still as passionate as ever about textiles and in their determination to produce beautiful and inspirational designs. They lead and inspire their team and are involved in every part of the design process from beginning to end.


Founded over 25 years ago, Atom Design have a reputation for delivering distinctive and inventive collections for graphics, placement and allover designs thanks to our worldwide team of amazing artists. We take pride in producing exceptional contemporary trend-led prints for fashion, swim, sportswear and pretty much anything else you would like to put a design or pattern on

Atom also has an online portfolio feature that enables us to put together a personalized collection for you and set up a remote viewing. email us at info@patriciabrandtcompany.com for more information.

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Pieceofchic is a super team of designers based in Brussels, Belgium. Founded in 2010 by Barbara Repole and Sébastien Pescarollo, Pieceofchic creates prints for fashion brands, as well as designers. Our philosophy is to imagine without limits and to focus on what we love. Our personal approach allows us to come up with strong and recognizable patterns that are playful and graphic. One of our creative goals is therefore to translate the chic and luxurious into our fun and quirky universe, which keeps on inspiring us.


To view any of the studios above please email us info@patriciabrandtcompany.com or call us at 805-445-8045